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The Easy part of betta breeding is getting Betta to spawn,
Now comes the Biggest challenge of the spawn.

For the first 2-4 weeks they will need the foods to
help them grow & develop the their labyrinth feeding is very delicate

Ok you got them to spawn, now what to do when it's time to feed Bettas that are the size of this - 
Everyone has their own way feeding new betta fry. I've tried different methods to make sure their eating properly, You hear it and read it so much not pollute the tank with left over food and make sure their eating The biggest question is how do you know when their so tiny?
They microscopic critters actually growing in your water, I know what you must be thinking now, but it's so small you would be amazed with a microscope what would be able to see in your tank.

First foods you will need to have on hand:
1.Infusoria & Liquifry No.1 for Egg Layers
2.Microworms or vinegar eels
3.First bites or powdered flake food brine shrimp (optional)

Feeding foods to promote rapid fry growth
Start feeding fry as soon as the are free swimming 
Feed fry several times per day
(at least twice a day)
Feed a variety of different foods

Infusoria are microscopic animals that are present in most natural waters on the surface of the Earth. If you have a filter & live plants or Indian almond leaf in your tank, there should be Infusoria growing. but there are too few sometimes to feed a batch of fry, especially if there is large spawn. Set up a half gallon jar with some lettuce or dried grass let the jar sit  by a window that lets in plenty of sunlight. In a few days the water will become cloudy. The clouds are made up of millions of Infusorians. you want to culture only the Infusoria and give to your new fry.
 When fry begin to swim, add one drop of liquidfry to the water the fry. (Do not to add more than one drop at a time to not  pollute water) 
It will feed fry & the Infusoria growing as well, 1-2 drops fry twice a day.
Microworms On the 3rd or 4th day your fry are swimming and Dad is out of the tank you can give fry a small amount of Microworms rinse MW in dechlorinated water and use an eye dropper and give directly to them to see it. (be sure not to over feed)
Feed MW in the morning, afternoon & Night. if you see left over Live Microworms at the bottom, skip that feeding until the next feeding time and so on. be sure to remove dead MW.
After the week one you can give fleshly hatched baby brine shrimp, carefully not to over feed BBS, there advantages and disadvantages with BBS I don't use that often but most breeders will disagree and swear by it

Try to have a back up with MW in case hatching BBS is a failure, one thing to keep in mind is the BBS longer the 2-3 hours and can cloud the water as with MW can last a few day and is always a constant food supply for your fry.

You can try frozen BBS, it's much cheaper, just as nutritious as Fre